March 19, 2019
City Hall -- Council Chambers
6 p.m. Business Meeting


1.Roll Call
2.Pledge of Allegiance
3.Interpreter Services
4.Open Discussion for the Good of the Order
A.Presentations / Recognitions / Introductions
i.Presentation of Yakima Valley Tourism 2018 Annual Report
ii.Alert Yakima Emergency Notification System (Everbridge)
B.Appointments to Boards, Commissions and Council Committees
i.Appointments to the Henry Beauchamp Jr. Center Advisory Board and the Ad Hoc Homeless Facility Review Committee
5.Council Reports
A.Council Partnership Committee report
B.Council Economic Development Committee report
6.Consent Agenda
Items listed are considered routine by the City Council and will be enacted by one motion without discussion. A Council member may request to remove an item from the Consent Agenda and, if approved, it will be placed on the regular agenda for discussion and consideration.
A.Accept Council Committee minutes

Approve payment of disbursements for the period February 1 – 28, 2019


Resolution authorizing a contract with Selland Construction, Inc. to provide for the cleaning and recoating of biosolid digesters at the City of Yakima Wastewater Treatment Plant

D.Resolution authorizing application for a Violence Against Women STOP Grant
7.Public Comment
Community members are invited to address items that are not listed on the regular business meeting agenda. A guideline of three (3) minutes per speaker is in place in order to allow as much opportunity as possible for audience participation. A speaker's time may be extended at the discretion of the Mayor and/or the consensus or vote of the Council. Written communication and e-mail messages are strongly encouraged.
8.Resolution authorizing the award to and execution of a Lease/Purchase Option Agreement with Y HOTEL LLC for City property located at 1808 North 1st Street

Resolution authorizing an Agreement with Yakima Police Activities League (YPAL) for the Operation and Maintenance of the Washington Fruit Community Center

10.Ordinance amending the Yakima Municipal Code Chapter 11.04 Building Code, with regards to intermodal shipping containers used as temporary uses
11.Other Business
The next meeting will be a City Council special meeting on March 26, 2019, at 5:30  p.m. at City Hall
13.Council General Information
Council General Information
B.Yakima River Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Plan May 2019 Project Activity Update
Any invocation that may be offered before the official start of the Council meeting shall be the voluntary offering of a private citizen, to and for the benefit of the Council. The views or beliefs expressed by the invocation speaker have not been previously reviewed or approved by the Council, and the Council does not endorse the religious beliefs or views of this, or any other speaker.

A Council packet is available for review at the City Clerk's Office and on-line at www.yakimawa.gov. The City provides special accommodations, such as hearing devices, wheelchair space or language interpreters, for City meetings. Anyone needing special assistance please contact the City Clerk's office at (509) 575-6037 at least two business days prior to the meeting.